I grew up in the small town of Eatonton, Georgia and started practicing in the game of Sporting Clays when I was 10 years old. I progressed through the ranks and I quickly delved deep into the sport. Soon I learned that I could go further than I had ever dreamed and potentially compete in the Olympics. I found my niche in International Skeet and set my sights on winning the Gold Medal in the Beijing Olympics. I trained deliberately and carefully but without fear of anything and I have dedicated the majority of my life to pursuing perfection and being the best in my sport. My dreams have not stopped with Beijing or London, and my dedication to God, family, country, and sport are permanently engrained in my heart. The legacy I leave behind will be defined not only by the medals I win but also by the number of people I can influence in a positive direction. I now live in Fort Worth, Texas with my wife, Rebekah, and daughters, Bailey and Brenlyn.

Thank you as always to my sponsors: Beretta, Noble Sport Italia (NSI)Muller Chokes, and Laporte for helping to make my dream a reality.